Linen knit poncho - black, one size

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This organic linen knit poncho shawl is a piece that can be worn in few different ways and gives that stunning elegant look when worn over even the simplest dress, trousers with blouse or any other outfit.  

It's the perfect choice for a holiday.
This pure linen poncho is perfect for different occasion - to cover up shoulders when it's cool or opposite - to avoid the sunburn. It is very comfortable to wear, suitable for every day or for the night out. It’s breathable, natural, organic and drapes beautifully. 
The linen poncho-shawl-scarf is a beautiful accessory for any women of any age.

Linen makes the best micro-climate for the skin because it's natural!

Hand wash in lukewarm water with mild detergent, roll into towel to get rid of excess of water, dry flat on the towel. DO NOT RUB OR HAND WRING.

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